On set/ Event Fees. These fees do not include travel 

  • Hourly fee $75 for the first hour, $25 an hour after that, not including kit fees.
  • Full Body paints are the hourly fee plus kit fees. kit fees are PER MODEL for body paints.
  •  Paint Only: $50 per model
  • Gems, glitter, and paint $75 per model
  • Advanced 3D effects  and paint $100
Single Face/ Beauty Fees. These fees do not include travel.
  • Basic beauty face (the “no makeup” makeup look) $50
  • Glamour beauty $60
  • Airbrush beauty $80
  • Lashes are an additional $5 to any makeup look
  • Single face paint starting at $50
  • Single 2D effect makeup starting at $50
  • Single gore/trauma starting at $70
  • Single creature/zombie starting at $85

Kit Fees:

  • Stage kit fee: $50 includes face paint, basic beauty essentials, grease paints
  • Gore/Trauma Kit Fee: $85 includes grease paint, face paint $85 includes grease paint, face paint, blood effects, minor 3D effects, bruises, and gashes.
  • Zombie/Creature kit fee:  $150 includes everything form the gore and trauma kit plus pus, teeth staining, and advanced 3D effects. Large additional prosthetic and blood pumps may cost extra.

Other services

  • Henna starting at $15
  • wig styling starting at $35
  • Headpieces and costuming are special order pricing. Pre-made pieces can be found in my shop.