Wonderlusts Studio’s mission is to add magic and mystery to peoples lives through the use of makeup and costuming. The imagination has no limits and neither do we. From pirates and fairies, gouls, monsters, mermaids and princesses, we want to provide the best services possible to all of those who are fae at heart.


Noelle Hetzel, owner and operator of Wonderlust Studio works from her in home studio outside of Milwaukee, WI. She graduated from Paul Mitchell Schools in 2014 with honors credit in Makeup, Color, Texture, and Cutting. Her makeup skills first hit the film scene during the filming of “Black Earth”, and again for head of makeup/SFX for “Vlog of the Werewoman.” Proficient in beauty, body paint, SFX and airbrush, Noelle can combine her skill set to make out of this world creations, or blend the perfect bridal makeup. Her work was featured last year in the Cinema Makeup School’s Next Level of Cosplay competition, and she hopes to be competing again this year.